WhatsApp on iOS To Start Showing Adverts To Users


It was expected last month of WhatsApp to start displaying Apps on the chat platform and finally it is here, Ads will start being displayed on the platform and this will first be made available for the iOS users and afterwards it is expected to be made available for Android users.

It’s already been confirmed that the WhatsApp intends to display ads in its status tab. Recall that the ‘Status‘ tab was the middle tab you see in your WhatsApp window, i.e. between the ‘Chats‘ and ‘Calls‘ tabs. Similar to Snapchat Stories features, photos or video posted inside Status disappear after 24 hours.

whatsapp ads

What is still not clear at this point is if the ads in question will be targeted. After all, WhatsApp messages are encrypted, which means users’ data cannot be accessible to Facebook for mining.

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This feature is still under test stage, and it’s just a matter of time before iPhone users start seeing WhatsApp ads and then Android users.




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