Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro – First Phone With 4 Rear Cameras


Earlier this month, Samsung mentioned the ” 4X Fun ” and we all thought that they were implying a phone with two cameras t the back and two at the front or maybe it was Samsung Galaxy A7 (20118) design that had three behind and one in the front. But they meant more than that there are now rumors that Samsung is about to launch a new smartphone called the Samsung galaxy A9 star Pro. The A7 pro is a truly spectacular phone being the first phone with fully expandable storage

samsung galaxy a9 star pro


But what is it that Samsung trying to achieve with it’s recent focus on the camera aspect of of their phones being launched. Are they trying to win more customers through highly proficient cameras or they are trying to beat Nokia’s supposed phone which is to feature 5 rear camera design. whatsoever their motives are, all that is expected is a top standard phone should be released or what do you think?.


Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro Concept


According to the source, Samsung claims that it will be called Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro and will have four cameras on the back and a 24 MP selfie snapper. They even released a concept render, showing a vertical setup. Mind you, the images are not official ones, so slight differences from the final product are to be expected.


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The phone is expected to have 8 MP wide-angle camera with 120-degree field of view, a 24 MP main camera, 10 MP telephoto lens, another 5 MP telephoto lens, while the selfie shooter will have a Sony IMX576 sensor.

The article also claimed that the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Pro will have 6.28” AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and Snapdragon 660 chipset. The battery is said to have 3,720 mAh capacity, but strangely enough, no fast-charging support.

If the speculations about a quadruple camera setup is real, the “4x” moniker in the poster might mean lossless 4x optical zoom, which would be a first for a modern smartphone (no offense, Galaxy Camera) and a step ahead of the 3x zoom Huawei offers with the P20 Pro. The unveiling is on October 11 and I can’t wait to see what that’s about.


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