How To Make Money From Your Telegram Channel


Can i really make money from my Telegram Channel?, that’s what most people will be deliberating on right now. So i am going to waste your time, i will cut right to the chase. Yes you can make money on Telegram Channels.

king ads
You can only make money on Telegram with a Channel and not with a group. And this can be achieved by serving Ads from King Ads on the Channels. It is an ad network that serves ads on Telegram channels and shares 90% of the earnings with you.

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How Do I Start Making Money?


  • Firstly Download Telegram app from Here.
  • Install and launch it.
  • Visit King Ads from Here.
  • Type /start in the message field and send.
  • Next, type in Register Your Channel and send.
  • Select your form of payment and send.

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NOTE: You can choose bitcoin mode of payment but you will be required to send your valid bitcoin address for payout.

Upon successful registration, King Ads will start displaying ads on your Telegram channel. Interestingly, it not broadcast more than five (5) ads per day.

You can also earn more by sharing your referral link with your friends.


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