How To Get Airtel 12GB for N900 – Latest Trick


Is possible to get Airtel 12GB for N900? That is probably the question on tour mind right now but dure it is….i mean like hell yeah it is. Some of us are already enjoying this wonderful gift and may not be happy with me for revealing trick to others. This is actually for those that can have more than one SIM card. And some other people are still flexing the Glo N200 for 5.2GB and N200 for 10.4GB

airtel 12gb for n900

If you have Airtel 4G in your location and the speed is incredible, then you can simply try this simple trick if you are not tied of surfing the net.

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How To Get Airtel 12GB for N900

Airtel NG is currently dishing out free 4GB data if you are upgrading your sim or you are a new subscriber. A new sim will cost you atleast N300. Meaning, you can get 8GB for N600 or 12GB for N900.

This is how I arrived at my calculation, since 1 sim goes for N300 + free 4GB, every sim you buy you get 4GB.


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The only difficulty is that you willhave  to buy and register another sim once you exhaust  your current free 4GB. This is more like use and dump, no string attached.


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