Top 2 Unlimited and Free VPN For Your Smartphone


When we were still operating under the platform, after migrating the Custom blogger https which was due to warning by Google to all sites operating on http, some users in particular part of the World were having problem and difficulties accessing our website unless with the aid of a VPN. That was part of what prompted the move to the WordPress platform.


So today, after all the experiences we have gone through, we really now know the benefits of a VPN.

So to refresh your memory, A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a private network you can connect to over a regular Internet connection. When you connect to a VPN, all the data you send and receive becomes encrypted, protecting your privacy online. Another benefit of a VPN is that your virtual location can be modified, which can allow you to access geographically restricted content,”


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Why Should I Use VPN on my mobile device?


Surf the internet anonymously.
No trace or logs of browsing or download history.
Change your IP address to a different region.
Boost up internet downloading and uploading speed.
Break all the firewalls.
Browse the internet safely and securely without leaking any personal information.

Two Best Free VPN For Android and iOS

Turbo VPN: is the most amazing free VPN available on Google Play Store. It refreshes the proxy list regularly to give you the best experience. It secures your phone from leaking any personal identification while releasing all the secrets of the internet within few seconds.



WindScribe: I love this one because of its simplicity of use and installation. The best part is that It’s absolutely free to use and offers up to 10GB of bandwidth per month.

free vpn

Features of Windscribe VPN


Super easy to use, just turn it on with a single tap


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– Encrypts all your data so nobody can spy on your Internet activities

– Strict no-logging policy

– Access to servers in 11 countries (Including US, Canada, UK and more)


Android users DOWNLOAD HERE



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