Donald Trump Claims ”Google Rigs Search Results Against Him”


With just two-part tweet from President Trump, Google tagged “America’s greatest companies” by the same President back in July while defending them against EU’s harsh Android fine, finds itself in “a very serious situation” that “will be addressed”.

trump on google

Trump’s dig on Google is based on his belief that “Google and others” are suppressing voices and news that is Good. The 72-year-old president is accusing Google of rigging search results to paint him bad by displaying negative stories about him from “fake new media”.

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In the first tweet, Trump says that search results for “Trump News” only shows stories and news that are bad. The US President Trump specifically mentions CNN and labels it as fake.

The second tweet, he states, without proper sources, that 96% of search results from the above-mentioned search term are from “National left-wing media”, which according to him is very dangerous. The president goes ahead to say that Google and others are controlling what people can and cannot see.


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The last part of the President’s tweets could easily be seen as a threat and that can attract unnecessary attention to him as people would want to see how exactly he plans to address Google following his claims. However, we note that Google’s search results vary from one user to another based on a lot of factors and maybe there’s a reason behind the search results that only He can tell us.


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