WhatsApp New Update Coming Soon With Suspicious Link Detecting Feature


Whatsapp has been known for rolling out new features, Now another update is still at the corner which is called “Suspicious Link Detection”. The feature is yet to be official available but currently under development and Beta Testing mode.

About The Suspicious Link Detection Features

This feature is expected to restrict the spammy links shared by some users. The app analyzes when you receive it and detects if it redirects to a fake or alternative website. If the link is discovered to be suspicious one, it will present a message that is marked with a red label, indicating to you the presence of it.

Regardless of the warning message, if you try to open the link, WhatsApp will alert you again that you’re trying to open a possible suspicious link. You can then proceed if it pleases you. This feature is available in Beta Tester but it is expected to be available for all, and probably with an option for users to even report a suspicious link.

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