WhatsApp Now Allows You To Play Instagram and Facebook Videos Within App


WhatsApp just unveiled two super updates which many will find useful daily. WhatsApp added the ability to Play Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Video within its App whenever a contact sends without having to exist the conversation. This simply means you can play and watch any Instagram and Facebook videos sent from contact within the Whatsapp App.

Secondly, WhatsApp also introduced the Super Admin Power Feature for Group Admins. These simply means Group Admins now have the ability to add and revoke privileges from users in a group chat. He also have the power to give other Admins right to edit edit the subject, description and icon of a chat.



But Currently, These features is yet to be available on Android but already starts rolling out for iOS Users. So therefore Android users should keep warming up as this feature will be coming to Android users in a short period of time.


What’s Your Say On The New Features?


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