Top 4 Best Ways To Protect and Keep Information On Your Smartphone Safe


We can’t do with our smartphone on daily basis. At this time we have to be careful of our privacy and information. As the we use our smartphone for performing so many operation which requires our private information.

For example we use our smartphone for Emailing, Transacting and Chatting on different social media’s. We also store some other private information on the device, so therefore we must have to be interested in ways to keep those information safe. Because when it is exposed, hackers can make use of them for their selfish interest.



How To Keep and Protect Your Information On Your Smartphone Safe

1. Download from Trusted Stores: In Android, Google Playstore is the trusted store to download all apps, same goes to Appstore for iOS users. Downloading from third party sites is dangerous. It can bring malware that will harm and steal your information to make money.

2. Use Different Passwords on Different Platforms: It will very easy to guess when you use same password on all your internet or social media accounts. It won’t be easy for the hacker to access all your personal information at a time. So, try to use different strong passwords on different apps and websites.

3. Backup your Phone Regularly: It’s recommended that mobile users should always backup their phone to prevent unnecessary lost of files. It can also come in handy, when you decides to factory reset your phone or perform an upgrade. You can backup your files in cloud storage, such as videos, music, contacts, messages, call history, photos and everything on it or on PC.

4. Stay Off from Open WiFi: Open WiFi are good but sometimes, they are malicious. Bad actors or hackers can use the medium to steal passwords and credit card information. So, stay off or connect to a VPN while using public WiFi.


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