How To Set Facial ID Unlock Security On Infinix Zero 5 Smartphones


Infinix Mobiity is currently rolling out new update for Infinix Zero 5 users which comes with Facial ID unlock security system. Many who have upgraded to the new update will find this tutorial more useful and If you are Infinix Zero 5 user , you are yet to upgrade then quickly do so.

The Facial ID unlock security feature helps you to unlock your phone using your face. This works by using the frontal or selfie camera. To Unlock, All you need to do is just to place your smartphone in front of your face, your phone gets unlocked. Now to set up your Infinix Zero 5 Facial ID system, Do the following.



How To Set Facial ID Unlock Security On Infinix Zero 5 Smartphones

1. Go to your Phone Settings =>Security and then tap on “Face Unlock” and input your security PIN, if you have any on your smartphone.

NOTE: Before You Proceed with Continue, Make sure to read the following Guidelines and Once you done. You can proceed with Step 2.


2. Now Tap on “Continue‘ and make sure your face is aligned properly into the circle and your facial unlock will be registered after this step.

3. At This Point, you can now open your locked phone at a very high speed using your face pointing to the frontal camera. You can also use Face Fill Light feature to brighten face counter when unlocked in a dark environment.

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