Google Set To Unveil Android 9.0 Operating System By Next Week


Android P was earlier Announced this year, The Upcoming Android 9.0 was said to feature support for native call. Google has planned in unveiling the Operating system at Mountain View In California at a developers conference.

The Android P is excepted to be called Android Pie, As Google name its O.S from the first alphabet. The features will be revealed at the Conference. but while we wait for the unveiling below are some features to except from the Android 9;

  • Display Cutout APIs.
  • Data cost sensitivity in Job Scheduler.
  • Simplicity, speed and many new ways to extend your apps.
  • Image Decoders for bitmaps and drawables.
  • Messaging style and other notification updates.
  • Multi-camera APIs.


Google always prefer naming its Operating system with names associated with Snacks or Fruit. Who else noticed?


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