How To Spy and Monitor a Friends WhatsApp Account Directly From Your Smartphone


Have you ever thought of Spoofing and monitoring your friends Whatsapp Chat directly with your phone? If you have then read up and if you still thinking if its possible then yes it is. With the help of this post you will get acquainted with the secrets.

In other to Monitor your friends chat directly from your phone, you will be needing an App called WhatScan, Its a suitable application designed to do the mysterious work. You can use it as a trick to spy people’s WhatsApp account without them knowing and this can be done by scanning the two accounts making sure you don’t invade privacy and there’s agreement between the two parties. Below is all you need to do.

How To Monitor A Friends Whatsapp Account and Chat Directly From Your Smartphone

  • First Download WhatScan.APK – On your phone and then get your friends phone.
  • Open The person Whatsapp Account and Navigate to MENU (…) and tap on “WhatsApp Web“.
  • Now Launch Your WhatScan App On your Phone and scan the Barcode from the person’s phone (You can disconnect any already activated device displayed on the screen).
  • It will take few minutes to complete the Scanning and Now You have the person’s chats on your WhatScan app.


Hope This Helps?


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