Konga Announces Nick Mudia, Nokia Ex-Boss As a New CEO


Konga one of the Largest and leading Ecommerce company which was recently acquired Zinox Group has announced its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of its company in the person of Nick Mudia – a Finland-based Nigeria and former Vice President of Nokia.

Nick Imudia who holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Management from Mikelli Institute of Technology in Finland, an MBA in International Business Management, Haaga-Helia Business School and a Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas Technology Management from Aalborg in Finland.

Since Zinox Group acquires Konga they have been working earnestly to swing Konga into profitability and to also streamline the operations of the company. In Addition, Nick Imudia assumes office on April 3rd, 2018 with a clear mandate to deliver Konga as number one e-commerce company in Africa.


We hoping to see new development from Konga!


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