Top 6 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Camera Lowers In Quality Over Time


Most of smartphones of today comes with Camera while some Smartphone companies focus on Camera as its selling point. For example is Tecno which is seen in Camon series.

We all love to go for device with super Camera Mega Pixel. But as times goes on the camera begins to fade and lower in photo qualities.

Many might have experienced this once in a time, You notice your smartphone which comes with high quality camera and takes a clear photo shot suddenly lowers your photo quality as times goes on.

After reading this post – you will discover reason why such happens and why you shouldn’t put your whole blame on the smartphone company; Some of our activities or use of our device deteriorates the Camera.


Top 6 Reasons Why Smartphone Camera Lowers In Quality Over Time

1. Improper Maintenance: bad maintenance culture can lead to “burn-out receptors on the sensor” (which lead to “blank spots on the image, false-color pixels and resolution loss”

2. Dust Accumulation: dust accumulation on the camera sensor can result to resolution loss, pixels of false colors, noise, spots etc. So before you blame your phone makers for making low quality devices, ensure you clean up the sensor with a soft white cotton material.

3. Dust in The Lens: When there is dust in the Lens, it could result to noisy, blurry and distorted images

4. Scratched or Destroyed Lens Coating: when this happen, it could lead to distortion or false colors due to ultraviolet and infrared radiation reaching the sensor.

5. Worn-out Moving Parts: the Worn-out parts leaving the sensor out of alignment can result to focus images loss, blurry and distorted images

6. False Imagination: As You keep seeing smartphones with higher Camera Pixel, you starts seeing your Camera Quality to be very Low and Blurr. So therefore keep off imagination or better still upgrade a higher smartphone.



If There is Any Other Reasons, Do well to Tel Us using the comment section.

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