Huawei Might Also Launch A Foldable Smartphone, Likely To Be Released By Next Year (2018)

Foldable device is gradually adopting, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group at an interview with CNET, reveals that Huawei is probably working on a fold-able device. This shows that ZTE Axon M will not be alone for long.  It turns out that Samsung and LG aren’t the only companies currently working on fold-able smartphones As well. in no time fold-able smartphones will be rampant.

Yu Further said, Huawei already has a working prototype of such a device. The Chinese company isn’t going to launch it in 2017. The smartphone may be debut next year which is also when Samsung Will be launching their fold-able device Galaxy X.

Huawei is waiting to get its hands on better flexible screen technology, and also wants to create a better mechanical design than what it has now. “We have two screens, but we still have a small gap. That’s not good, and we should get rid of the gap”, Yu was quoted as saying.

The CEO is believing that some day in the near future the device will be number 1 of all, in the world. and also hoping the company will somehow overtake Samsung and Apple in the process as well. As for time of writing no information about Huawei foldable device. but will be revealed as time goes on.


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