A New Nokia Smartphone Set To Be Launched In India By End Of This Month – 31st October

HMD set to launch a New Nokia Phone in India by end of the month – 31st October, Probably a few days to go from now. The “save the date” emails went out, but many are still yet to know which of the device will be launched, because  It’s labeled only as “the next milestone for Nokia phones”.

As of Now, will are still wondering which of the Nokia device that will be launched Could it be the Nokia 2 or probably the Nokia 8 which will start selling in china soon?

Or could it be the Nokia 9, which cleared the FCC back in June and would be quite the milestone. Probably before now, Nokia 8 has been on sale in India for over a week now. Launching the Nokia 9 now would eclipse it. A 4G feature smartphone is also a distant possibility.

But As of now we still having a stronger hope on the Nokia 7 which is yet to be welcomed and launched in India, Maybe this is just a welcoming party for the device. But time will tell, if the device is launched on 31st October.


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