Top 8 Problems And Dangers Of Buying New Smartphones From Unpopular Brand Or New Company

Please i am not encouraging you should not buy New smartphones from company, Buying device with charming specification, Size and design is what we higly aiming at. But according to my finding there are some disadvantages or risks in buying New company Mobile phones.

I will talking about this Problems as well. Because i have fallen a Victim of such. I recently bought a new smartphone With company Name Malata, I encounter alot of problems ranging from poor battery capacities, and most at times the hone misbehaves as well. i was faced with no Option that to get a newer Infinix device. See the List of problem that mi9ght likely arise.

Top 8 Risks And Problems Of Buying New Smartphones From Unpopular Brand Or New Company

1. Scarcity Or Unavailability Of Phone Parts: These newly-launched mobile companies phone parts are sometimes unavailable in the market and very scarce to replace a faulty phone. I can still remember my old phone Alcatel one touch which developed a mouth piece problem and up till now, the part has not been found in the market and alternatively, am making use of the earpiece.

2. Testing Mode:  A new mobile phone company will of course start producing a low-quality smartphones with some enticing specifications at a cheaper and affordable price in order to attract you because that’s the business strategy and being a customer, you will surely buy their phone, if only you like it. All i want to say is that, these newly launched mobile phone companies are too early to give you a standard smartphone because Rome was not build in a day and a journey of 5000 miles always start with a step.

3. Poor Battery Capacity:  Buying a phone from newly-launched mobile companies can give you battery problems at times. Do not be deceive, their battery don’t last and the rate of their charging is low except those which comes with non-removable. Meanwhile, some of them have good battery capacity but are rare to find.

4. Annoying Built-in Applications:  Some of the problems with unpopular or new mobile company brands are annoying pre-installed or built-in applications which are very difficult in deleting and some are created not to be deleted, no matter your effort. This will cause your phone to malfunction especially, if you see apps with languages you don’t understand which are manly designed from companies speaking that language. So, all efforts might proves abortive when deleting or trying to delete their annoying pre-installed apps.

5. Poor Camera  I am not using this medium in discouraging the buyers but a phone with good rear or back camera without good frontal or selfie camera is definitely a no-go-area. Well, its all depends on choices but the truth had to be said, a new mobile company starts with poor frontal camera and their back camera might be fair or okay.

6. No Nearby Office:  Be sincere, do you know how you would feel relaxed and comfortable when your faulty smartphone is being repaired by the workers working for the mobile company, whose product you are using, customer care will always be there to fix any issue for you but opposite is the unpopular and new mobile company services to their customers and the worst, is that you won’t even see their nearby office.

7. Software Are Not Available Online: If you are the type that likes doing wonders with your phone or a tech enthusiast, i will advice you not to try it with unpopular or new mobile brands because even their custom ROMs are not available online.

8. Poor Multi-tasking: Another problem you might face is lagging. Multi-tasking will cause lagging even if you have huge RAM, good processor and others because their inbuilt or heavy apps might have taken all the memory space left.

If You have been faced in a suituation like this, Feel free to tell us other risk or dangers you experience using below comment box.


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