Checkout: How To Check If A Company Is Legally Registered Or Not In Nigeria

There are Many Company In Nigeria, But Not All Are registered under (CAC) Corporate Affair Commission, Nigeria. Registering Your company In Nigeria is Not expensive as many of us thinks. Unless you don’t know your left and right therefore Falling into the hand of some Lawyers whom will turn you into Money making Machines.

It is very important to when you want to transact with any company in Nigeria first of all check if the company is Legally Registered Under C.A.C, if the company is registered this means they are fully Licensed to Operate but if they are not, then You can have a rethink before Investing or venturing into any business with the company.

How To Check If A Company Is Legally Registered  Or Not In Nigeria

  • Check the Captcha button  Saying (I’m not a robot)
  • The search result will show you if the company is registered or not, or if it is undergoing registration with the RC No.

If The company is not listed on C.A.C Then Know you are dealing with Unregistered Company, I Hope This helps You as you can Now check which company is Legit.

We Hope It Helps?


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