REVIEW: Basic Things To Know About The MTN NG 2017 Mobile Electricity Offer

new development, this additional layer of stress is eliminated, meaning
that right from the get-go MTN Mobile Electricity/Lumos customers are
outfitted with all that they need to make use of this excellent product.
Cheers guys and if you haven’t got yours yet, you’re surely on a long

major change here in the Mobile Electricity offering is the DC to AC
conversion inclusion, which was missing from the previous edition
offers. This is no doubt an excellent incentive from the Lumos team,
owners of the Mobile Electricity brand, as a major factor militating
against greater adoption of the service was the fact that customers who
purchased the earlier versions had to contend with the problem or
challenge of then looking for DC appliances that they could use with the

all information herein following is the exclusive preserve and right of
Lumos Nigeria as pertaining to their partnership with MTN in regards to
the Mobile Electricity technology and offer; and that further, such
information is only represented here in order to help spread the
adoption and awareness of this environmentally friendly technology.



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