Chrome 55 Browser Has Now be Rolled Out For Android, It Comes With Download For Offline Use

Chrome Browser have Unveil a New browser called Chrome 55. it comes with many Features including an Offline download option. The
offline viewing feature is something that Chrome Browser users would
instantly fall in love and along with that Google claims to have ended
the resource hogging nature of the Chrome browser.
55 is a major update to the chromium browser and the update comes with
some laudable features for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android. In a bid to
pull the plug on flash the browser is based on HTML 5 by default. 

 NOTE: The
Chrome 55 update is already rolled out for Mac, Windows, and Linux
users. Updates for the Android users are being rolled out incrementally,
as always if you want to get the latest update you

can download an install able apk from Here (ApkMirror)

content is aggregated on the basis of its type, for instance, web pages
are stored in Pages section while the Video, Audio, Images, and
Documents get a section of their own. Also, users can share the
downloaded items without actually exiting the browser.

On that Image Above The
new save icon on the top of the menu will now let Chrome users save the
entire page along with the text and the images. The audio and the video
items on the web page will come with a

icon that will let you start the download in the background. The
Downloads screen will now give access to the saved content which also
includes the media files.
Chrome 55 has promise that it will come baked with a better contextual search UI and it also highlights the misspelled words in the text fields.

has been promising a frugal browser with the Chrome 55 and that is true
to a certain extent, low-memory devices are expected to witness a spike
in performance due to better memory

Furthermore, the JavaScript Heap Size and the Zone Memory Reduction is
also expected to reduce the memory usage by less than 35 percent and the
difference is expected to be pronounced in machines with 1GB RAM.

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