How To Force Your Glo Account Balance to be N0.00Kb To Enjoy Unlimited Free Browsing


How many people are still Flexing the Glo 0.0kb which I recently posted on this Blog?, but I also Notice that many of our glo users can’t enjoy this because they finds it difficult to make the Glo account balance to rhyme up to N0.00KB.

Because of this Incident many people now thought is not working, but I received some Messages on my whatsapp many Asking me how they can make the glo account balance to be N0.00kb

After a Closer Research I then found a Solution to it, Many might have N0.08KB in their account and they can even use it to make call or send text Message, so they are now tied up.

I will be showing you how to Force your account to be N0.0KB. So you can also flex this blazing Glo 0.00kb Browsing using your psiphon. The only problem am having with the glo unlimited free browsing is that it sometime Disconnects and Reconnect. But we are still working on how to fix it. So stay tuned on Clickedwap tech Blog.

How To Force Your Glo Account Balance to be N0.00Kb In Other To Enjoy Glo 0.00Kb Unlimited Free Browsing.

To Remove this Little kobo from your Account you will need to Visit choose continue payu on your Web browser, This simply means you are using your money to browse.

Then Try opening any Website of your Choice and try Browsing Around in other to wipe away the little Kobo once this is done. Then You will then Read Latest Glo N0.00KB Unlimited Free Browsing Settings After Reading it then you can Set up yours and then start Flexing unlimited glo free Browsing.

If you encounter any problem Let us Know


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